How to replace the starter and relay

You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - face heads by 10;
  • - two open-end wrenches for 13 and 10;
  • - extension cord.
Place the vehicle on a viewing ditch or lift. Disconnect the battery terminals. The starter on the VAZ 2106 is mounted on the engine in the lower right, directly under the air intake and the heat shield. Before removing it, loosen the clamp and remove the air intake hose attached to the air filter housing.
Release the hose clamp and remove the hose from the air intake. Then loosen the lower nut securing the air intake two turns and loosen the top nut with a wrench of 10. Then remove the air intake.
Remove the heat shield, unscrewing the two nuts from the right support bracket. To do this, use the socket head extension. After removing the shield, unscrew the lower bolt, and then the two upper starter bolts.
Slide the starter slightly forward for easy removal of the wire connectors from the tractionrelay. Then unscrew the nut with a 13 wrench and remove the battery wire from the boltrelay. Starter lift up. Install a new starter in the reverse order.
Replace the retractorrelaystarter. To do this, unscrew the nut on its lower contact bolt. Remove the spring washer and two flat. Disconnect the starter windings from the bolt.
Loosen the three screws that secure the retractor.relayto the starter cover, which are located on the drive side. Holding the anchor, dismantle the part.
Pull the spring out of the starter armature. Disengage the anchor from the drive by pulling it upwards. Install in the reverse order.
Check the technical condition of the starter and all its details. Unscrew the cover screws with a screwdriver and remove it. Unscrew the brush leads. If the car has a starter 35.3708, then remove the lock washer at the rear end of the shaft.
Unscrew the studs and pull out the anchor from the drive side with the cover. Disconnect it from the body, pull out the rubber cap of the lever, unpin and pull out the axis of the starter drive lever.
Pull the anchor and lever out of the cap.After disassembling the starter, it is necessary to purge the parts with air and wipe them thoroughly. Assemble the starter in the reverse order.

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