How to restore the body after smoking

You should maximize your daily diet with greens, fresh fruits and vegetables. Exhausted by smokingan organism�needs to be saturated with vitamins, because nicotine almost completely destroys the B vitamins and vitamin C. You also need to purchase multivitamin tablets that will fit your age group.
To replenish the supply of amino acids and protein, every morning on an empty stomach it is recommended to drink a glass of milk, preferably goat milk. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and protects organism�against various infections, and also prevents inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.
Duringsmoking�atan organisme there is a big deficiency of beta-carotene and vitamin A. These vitamins are involved in the formation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi and lungs, which is why it is so important to replenish their stock.You also need to constantly withdraw froman organismand harmful resins that can be disposed of with the help of medicinal herbs such as oregano and tricolor violet. From these herbs should brew healing tea, at the rate of one teaspoon of herbs per cup of hot water.
Reestablishan organism�aftersmoking, to return the former physical form will help long walks in the fresh air, sports, trips out of town, active rest. As a result of physical exertion, blood circulation is improved, muscles are cleared of decay products of tobacco tar, lung function improves, the removal of slags and toxins froman organisma. Physical activity should begin with the very minimum, gradually increasing it.
A good therapeutic and health effect gives a visit to the pool.

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