Sawmill Operation 101

How to Saw Lumber

Two Methods:

Sawing lumber effectively takes practice, and improper technique can be dangerous. The following steps will guide you through sawing lumber safely and accurately using 2 different methods.


Use a Handsaw

  1. Support the wood at a comfortable level.Use a table or sawhorse and align your body over the workpiece.
  2. Wrap all of your fingers and thumb around the saw handle, except for your index finger.Place your index finger on the side of the handle, pointing down the blade, to serve as a guide.
  3. Saw with a fair amount of pressure when pushing forward, and use little to none when pulling back.Don't use too much pressure.
  4. Use more length of the blade when the cut gets deeper.Once you're about 1/2 inch (13 mm) into the wood, increase the length of your strokes. Shorten the strokes once more toward the end of the cut.
  5. Use the blade's reflection to guide a perpendicular cut.When making a square crosscut, place the saw at the edge of the wood, and line up the actual edge of the wood with the reflection of that edge on the saw blade.
  6. Check for a dull blade.If using your handsaw requires a lot of strain, and it's difficult to make a clean cut, hold the blade up to the light. If the tips of the teeth reflect light, sharpen the saw.
  1. Set the blade depth.
    • Retract the blade guard and place the unplugged saw blade next to the wood piece.
    • Use the adjustment lever or knob to set the blade 1/4 to 1/2 inches (6 to 13 mm) below the wood.
  2. Support only one side of a board when sawing crosswise.Let the piece you are cutting off fall freely from the unsupported end. Restricting it will affect the cut.
  3. Secure the board when making a lengthwise cut.You can do this by nailing the board to the sawhorses.
    • Use a combination square and pencil to mark your cut.
    • Start the saw 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the wood and guide the saw along the line, pinching the shoe of the saw between your thumb and forefinger. Keep your fingers as far away from the cut line as possible.
  4. Support both ends when sawing wide pieces of plywood.
    • Place 2 2-by-4s across the sawhorses to keep the plywood from splintering when you finish the cut.
  5. Cut at an angle by holding up the blade guard at the beginning of a cut.The guard can catch on the wood if you leave it down during angled cuts. When you've cut a few inches into the wood, lower the guard and finish the cut.
  6. Practice sawing in a straight line.If your cut goes crooked when sawing, don't try to straighten it out. Stop sawing and start again along the line.

Video: Successful Sawmilling Series - Quarter-Sawing Made Easy on Your Portable Sawmill

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