How to seal the gap in the windows

There are many signs of cracks in the windows. A draft blows from under the window sill, moreover, rather tangible, mold and fungus began to appear around the gap, insects and other signs appeared in the house.

Any of the above phenomena indicate that cracks began to appear between the glass unit and the base of the house.

The main reason is incorrect installation of the window In the case when the gaps between the window frame and the wall were not tightly sealed, there is a high probability that the construction foam will eventually dry out and voids will form.

This phenomenon occurs when installing plastic and wooden windows. The fact is that foam is not a source of good sealing windows or door openings. Foam only serves as a sealant and is afraid of direct sunlight, abundant moisture and various destructive phenomena.

It is necessary to begin the elimination of gaps in the windows immediately after the detection of signs. Because it will be more difficult to eliminate them later.

First you need to clean up the space with a brownish foam. Inside, you can remove it and clean the place where mold and wet spots began to appear.

From the outside of the window it is necessary to clean the area under the ebb. The ebb is unscrewed and can be removed. We also remove the old foam. The hole must be replenished again. You can not immediately return the ebb in place. It will be better to wait until the foam dries, then to cut off its surplus.

To prevent cracks from appearing again, it is necessary to coat the foam with paint, this will prevent water from entering its structure. Then you can already fasten the plumb line, and continue the inner work.

Modern masters are trying to seal up the gaps in the windows with specialized materials, as well as newspapers and old rags. But it is better to use special materials designed for sealing gaps.

The above procedure for plastic windows, and is it all suitable for wooden windows?

We fill up the cracks in the wooden windows

Here there are individual features of the work. Modern double-glazed windows made of wood are no different in terms of installation from plastic ones.

If the apartment has such windows, then it is necessary to do the same procedure as described above. Close the gap can help even the adjustment of windows and installation of new slopes.

The slopes on the street side of the window will be a wonderful way to get rid of various cracks and drafts. After performing this procedure, you can even sleep at the window, without fear of catching a cold.

Before mounting the slope need to carry out sealing. You can fill the sealant in the gap, or just paint the concrete wall around the outside of the window.

It is desirable to use roofing rubber-bitumen, acrylic or cork sealant for work. It is important that the sealant is frost resistant.

Silicone sealant is rarely used. Since it is in our cold weather it will quickly lose its qualities and will simply simply fall off and by the spring it will be necessary to repeat the whole procedure to combat the gaps in the windows.

In houses with old-style windows, you can use a lot of materials and if the old wooden windows do not open, then almost anything can be hammered into the cracks.

Usually used for sealing up the gaps of the newspaper. They are finely torn and then moistened with water and caulk the gaps.

The most popular way is to glue up the windows. Paper strips are first moistened for good connection to the frame with soapy water. Then these strips are tightly applied to the frame, where there is a gap, and smooth.

But here, too, you can use sealant. Since the gaps on the inside of the window are closed, you can also use silicone sealant without fear that it will freeze in winter.

And the simplest thing you can do to get rid of the cracks is to paint the entire frame with oil paint. If the gaps are not very large, then the paint will close them and save you from drafts.

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