How to set up MMS on Beeline?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
December 10, 2012
How to set up MMS on Beeline?

Beeline’s official website states that MMS is automatically provided to all Beeline customers. But it could happen that once a mobile phone user himself refused it, and now he wanted to send images, music or video as messages to mobile friends again. Just for this category of people and our article is intended. Let's see how to set up MMS on Beeline. Remember the 3 basic steps.

Connecting to the MMS service on Beeline

  1. MMS connection. Go to the site.
  2. Choose your city.
  3. You see 3 tabs: for individuals, business and partners. Make sure that you have marked the first tab for "individuals".
  4. In the vertical menu on the left, select "Settings and Programs."
  5. Now you need to specify which phone you want to get the setting for. The fact is that not all phones support the MMS function. So, find in the drop-down list of the manufacturer of your phone, below - the model.Look at how convenient it is: even if you are not sure that you have correctly indicated the model, you can click the "show" button and compare your mobile phone with the image of the model indicated.
  6. And just below you will see all the possible services that can be applied to your phone. Choose "MMS Service".
  7. In the new window, enter your phone number. It will come settings MMC.
  8. Click on the "Get Settings" button. Ordering settings is free.

Setting MMS on Beeline

When the settings come to the specified number as an SMS message, follow the instructions attached to them. It's simple, now you know how to set up MMS on Beeline yourself, without getting off the couch. But this is not enough. To use this service, read its features below.

How to use MMS

  • To send mms, go to the phone menu: "Messages - MMS - Create New." Enter the recipient's number. Add a multimedia file (image, melody or text). The maximum size is 500 Kb. Submit!
  • You can receive MMS within 3 days after it is sent. That is how much the file will be stored on the server by the operator.

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