How to sew a belt

Once I wanted to get a bright belt on my pants. Found a suitable piece of fabric (satin) and fastener for 4 UAH. So that the belt was tightly fastened in a fastener and did not fall off, the tape was bought as for straps on a backpack for 4 UAH. 1 meter.  was bought tape
Let's take a satin 1.1 meters long and 8 cm wide, put a tape 1 meter long and 3 cm wide from the top. The satin should be 5 cm longer on each side.  The atlas must be longer Now, the edge of the atlas of 5 cm will be closed
stitch One edge of the belt will be tilted up to 1 cm and close in drawn
 One edge of the belt we'll tuck
Now we'll tuck into 1 cm of satin around tape and alozhim zastrochenny edge and sew up the end. Analogically we will tuck the edge of the satin at the other end of the belt and stitch it  dashed edge
add the edge of the atlas Then take the buckle and wrap the resulting belt in the middle of the buckle. Stretch the front side of the belt along the edge from both sides.
edge sew
 take the buckle
Voila, the belt is ready!
 how to sew a belt

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