How to sheathe a clapboard room in 2018

First, fold the wall panel in the room in which you will mount it. Leave the material for 48 hours. During this period there will be acclimatization of the rails. After that you can proceed to fixing the bars. Using a cord and a pencil, mark the wall. By this markup you need to fix the bars. Arrange them at a distance of 60 cm from each other. To ensure circulation, gaps should be left between the bars. Also, the bars must be fixed around the perimeter around the doors and windows. Attach the pegs under the bottom bar. They will be required for the installation of baseboards.
You can attach the bars to the wall with screws and dowels. With a plumb line, be sure to check the plane of the wall. Correct possible bumps. To do this, insert wooden wedges between the bars and the wall.
You can now go directly to the wall paneling.clapboard. The first board will serve as a guide for the rest.The result of the work depends entirely on its correct location. It is recommended to start work from the corner of the wall. Attach the first board to the top of the wall. Check its position with level and plumb.
You can fix the clapboard in different ways. Most often for this purpose use nails without caps. Beat them into the notch of the carriage board with a center punch. Sometimes for fastening use special clips. Fasten the clips to one carriage rail and fasten the other. At the height of each bar, press the board with the tongue of the clamp.
Drive in the wooden corners into the corners between the walls. You can mask the outside corners with the help of battens that have an angular profile. Around doors and windows it is best to make the trim of the rails. Dock them at a 45 ° angle. If the wall paneling was not initially treated with low composition, then it is necessary to soak it with a layer of varnish.

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