How to start developing a program

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - knowledge of programming languages;
  • - programming skills.
Before writing the actual code, answer a series of questions. What problem will solve the program? Who will use it? What are the computer hardware and operating system requirements? Can you cope with the creation of a software product yourself, or will you need a development team?
Determine the structure of the future program. It depends on the complexity of the tasks that the future system is designed to solve. For example, a tax calculation program is designed to organize financial data and will differ in structure from the game program created for entertainment.
Consider when developing preferences and interests of the end user. Communication with the program should be extremely simple and intuitive to someone not familiar with the "stuffing" of your product.Therefore, it is important to initially understand what the software interface will be, the location of the controls, the color gamut, and so on.
Plan and write down the requirements for the equipment on which the future program is supposed to be used. First of all, these are such parameters as RAM, speed, characteristics of sound and video cards. Compatibility of the developed software with one or another operating system is also important.
Choose a programming language based on your experience, your skills and the challenges you are facing. Experienced programmers prefer to use C, C ++ or C # languages. You can also use a simpler programming language, for example, Visual Basic.
Direct work on the design of the program, start by creating its prototype. It usually contains a full-fledged graphical interface (buttons, dialog boxes, menus) and looks like a regular program, but does not have all the functional completeness. The purpose of the prototype is to demonstrate the interface to the customer and make adjustments to it, guided by the wishes of the potential user.
As you refine the functions and design the intermediate blocks of the program, proceed to adding commands, which will allow you to turn the prototype into a full-fledged software product.

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