How to start publishing

The publishing niche of the market is considered open. The point is not the absence of competition, but the specifics of this case. People can read as many good books as they like, and buying a book from one publisher does not mean a loss for another. So do not listen to those who will tell you that nothing will come of it.
Find the money. Do not count on a bank loan. It is not issued to the publishing business, because this business is considered quite risky. After all, a new book has chances of success, and a deafening failure. However, small expenses will be required: registration of a company, rent of an office, purchase of several computers and programs for them, salary of employees. The work team of a novice publishing house may include an editor-in-chief, an accountant, heads of the production department and sales departments, a good layout designer.
Register a legal entity (CJSC or LLC), specify in the charter “Publishing of Books”. It will take 500-600 dollars.Register with the Russian Book Chamber to assign ISBN codes to books produced. The last will cost 500 rubles for one.
Determine your capabilities and target audience. At the moment, 20% of the subject literature is on sale in Russia, 20% of educational literature, 15% are fiction and books for children and teenagers. The remaining percentages are distributed approximately equally between fiction, modern prose and books about business.
Find authors. Of course, for good sales you need a person with a famous name. But hardly promoted authors will want to work with a novice publisher. There is a way: spin the authors themselves. Finding really good literature is difficult. But there is a huge amount of literary contests, forums and blogs for aspiring writers. If you do not have literary flair, engage the editor.
Think about advertising released books. Perhaps you should focus on one or two of them. Which books to choose? With the most original plot, understandable language or an interesting author. The author's contract provides that the publisher is obliged to pay the author a fee, 7-12% of the cost of the entire edition.

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