How to start the morning

Morning begins the evening of the previous day, so try not to eat 4 hours before bedtime, drink alcohol and watch emotional films too. Better an hour before bedtime take a soothing shower, drink a glass of kefir or water with honey.
In the morning, in annoyance, not to run all over the apartment, prepare all the necessary things in the evening: collect a bag, complete an outfit in which you will go on business, and also tidy up - it’s not so pleasant to wake up among scattered papers and plates.
Start the alarm for half an hour before all the members of your family get up. This will allow you not to take a queue in the bathroom and not to crowd in the kitchen, because these minor factors in the morning may seem like a disaster.
The melody on the alarm clock should not annoy you, therefore, it is desirable that the music was calm, unobtrusive and smooth. Of course, if you are a lover of rock, and the guitar started to please you at any time of the day, then choose a song that you like.
In the evening, leave a part of the curtains ajar, this will ensure the penetration of sunlight into the room, so that your body will be much easier to wake up.
Lying in bed, do some exercises on your legs, for example, a bicycle or a pair of scissors. Stand up and slowly do five tilts to the side and the same number of squats. The blood will begin to move through your body, numbness will subside from the muscles, and you will be visited by a pleasant morning vigor.
If the reflection in the mirror does not make you very happy, remove the swelling from the face with pre-prepared ice cubes. To make the skin look radiant, cubes can be made from frozen chamomile or sage decoction, which perfectly tone the skin.
After drinking a glass of pure water with a squeezed piece of lemon, proceed to the preparation of breakfast. It should be light, but nourishing and energizing for the entire first half of the day. As a great option you can use oatmeal with pieces of dried apricots and prunes, as well as juicy fruit or toast with a piece of low-fat cheese. If you like coffee, do not deny yourself it, but during the day it is better to refuse this drink.
So that your mood not only did not fall, but also increased, make a beautiful table setting, open the window a little, let in fresh air, and turn on your favorite music.

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