How to stop loving your husband?

Know that you are not alone! Every day, thousands of women in desperation seek advice on how to stop loving their husband.

“The knot will be tied, the knot will be untied” - it’s only in the song that everything is so simple, but in life, if you really love it, it is impossible to untie the knot. And do not listen to girlfriends who advise immediately to find another, to forget, to drink a fair amount of alcohol and to unwind at a nightclub. The tips are dubious, because in order to start a new life and a new relationship, you need to get out of the old ones, let go and heal your wounds. Need to work on yourself! But first, measure seven times!

You definitely do not see yourself in the future with your husband? Have you done everything to save your family? If you answer in the affirmative - it means that it should be so, we will help you, and you will certainly begin a new good band! But if you are thinking, doubt, you have thoughts: “or maybe a crisis,” “it will suddenly improve,” do not chop it off your shoulder! Indeed, more often than not, we are not even worried about how to stop loving her husband, but what to do if the husband has stopped loving! And this fundamentally changes things! First, how do you knowthat the husband doesn't love you anymore? He himself said? Or our female logic led to this conclusion? What to do is simple: if you need your husband, then act, swap roles, conquer him. After all, you fell in love with him once, why not do it in the second? Moreover, the proven methods - a lot! Finding a new, exciting hobby, changing your image, image, applying new tactics of communicating with your husband, trying new experiences together - you have definitely not tried everything! When the fire goes out, we must not extinguish it, but kindle it with a new force! If the husband has offended you to the depths of his soul, he was terribly guilty and you cannot decide whether you want to stop loving him or not - then take a time out! Do what you love, arrange shopping therapy, cry for your friends (only sincere, sympathetic, for those who have a good opinion of you and your husband), treat yourself! It is much easier than to stop loving her husband. And yet, this time will give you the opportunity to understand your feelings and desires!

Love can not stop loving!

If this is the case, and you repeat: I want to stop loving my husband, then follow the recommendations:

  • Out of sight, out of mind! Try to minimize the possibility of meeting her husband.Also remove from the eyes all that is acutely reminiscent of him, hide away joint photos.
  • Do not be alone. The more time you will be left to yourself, the more you will think about your husband, remember and be bored. The first weeks will be hard, but believe me, you will soon become much easier! And if all this time you are not alone, but with close friends, family people, all the better for you!
  • Load yourself with chores. Let there be so many things that you will never have time to think and be sad! Write down for free evenings and weekends, get busy with what you have been dreaming about for a long time! Or maybe it's time to move to work? Or even learn something new, improve skills? In general, great things are waiting for you!
  • Do not give vent to memories. Of course, you cannot get away from thoughts, no matter how worried you might be. But we can replace memories! As soon as nostalgia for the past begins to embrace, start remembering your offenses, all the bad things that you had to experience because of your husband.
  • To find harmony. If you don’t have to read books or watch films about the power of thought, now is the time to do it! Such a reading will charge you with the right energy and optimism! Do not doubt, you will get all thatwhat do you want! To find harmony and tranquility, yoga will not be superfluous.

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