How to stop smoking tips

The fight against smoking appeared when people realized that tobacco destroys our body and has a bad effect on our quality of life. This struggle received particular development at the time of the development of medicine, that is, at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. To this day, all doctors in the world are calling on their patients to quit smoking forever. Is it easy to do? Unfortunately, the fight against smoking is a difficult event, as there is a psychological dependence and habit that prevent a person from abandoning a regular cigarette. Let's turn to the advice of people who tried to quit smoking. Someone could, but someone did not give up the addiction. So:

How to quit smoking? Advice

Here are a few tips from Fred Kelly, which are a reflection of the main methods of combating smoking:

  • First of all, you really need to believe that you can stop smoking and gain determination. For this, it is advised to recall the moments of life that are associated with heavy willpower.Recall how powerful willpower you have displayed. The basic idea is: "I could do it then, then I can quit smoking, as it is easier."
  • In order to carry out any complex business, you need a well thought out plan. Take time to ensure that you can calmly think through the stages of quitting smoking. Remember, you need to reduce the dose of nicotine consumed gradually, as a sharp decrease in tobacco will lead to even greater problems in the body.
  • Many psychologists advise to write on paper a list of the benefits of quitting smoking. It is no secret that such a list can include a huge number of items, since smoking in itself is very harmful. Write all the things that give you a cessation of smoking. Here's how to quit smoking. This may be increased tone, improved health, the ability to communicate more freely, save a lot of money and more.
  • Ask your friends and family to help you with quitting smoking. Ask them for special support. Warn them that you may be irritable while fighting smoking. You need to be aware that irritation is inevitable, since the body is in a state of serious stress.
  • It is very useful to set the day and the exact time of quitting.Why is this so important? The fact is that this date will be a kind of psychological guarantee that you no longer have the right to smoke. You already parted with a cigarette forever. You performed the farewell ceremony and poisoned your body for the last time. Record this date and remember it.
  • Contact a drug dispensary to quit smoking. The doctor will be able to give you some direction in which you need to move in order to completely abandon the harmful habit of smoking. Clear recommendations and medications will increase your chances of success in the fight against smoking at times.
  • That is what else you need to ask your doctor. Ask him about what exercise will help you get rid of smoking. Here's how to quit smoking. Sport is known to be incompatible with smoking. Try to start small. Walking in the fresh air is what you need at the initial stage. As your body recovers, you can increase the load on your body. Exercise helps to overcome the stress you are used to eliminating with cigarettes.
  • Various breathing exercises will also help you get rid of everyday smoke breaks.It should, again, start with small exercises. Exercise for 3-5 minutes a day and you will see that soon you can completely stop smoking. Many psychologists say that visualization is a powerful tool that can transform our life and make it evolve according to our scenario. What do they mean? Visualization is a mental representation of events. During breathing exercises, close your eyes and slowly inhale through your nose. Exhaling through the mouth, you need to imagine various situations of quitting smoking. For example, imagine that you gave up a regular cigarette and got a promotion at work because you didn’t leave for a smoke break. The boss turned to you with an interesting project. Imagine how you throw away a pack of cigarettes and get a gold medal or a cash prize for it. Let it be unrealistic situations, but the essence is not in reality. The bottom line is that you tune your brain to a positive perception of quitting smoking. Here's how to quit smoking. It is necessary for the brain, as it is accustomed to perceive smoking in a positive light, not realizing the destructive influence.

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