How to stop the activity of an individual entrepreneur

Having made the final decision on the termination of activities as an individual entrepreneur, prepare all the necessary documents for this. If necessary, refer to the Federal Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs” and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
Write a statement in the prescribed form approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 19, 2002, making it your data and the reasons for termination of activities. Pay the state fee, specifying its size at the moment in the registering authority.
Receive in the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation a document confirming the provision of the necessary information to the Pension Fund. Before that, close all obligations on mandatory payments to the Pension Fund and other extra-budgetary funds, where you are registered as an entrepreneur.
Within five days from the date of filing with the relevant authority a statement on the termination of business activities, submit a declaration to the tax inspectorate, reflecting in it data from the beginning of the tax period to the day the application was submitted (inclusive).
Pay off payments to the Social Security Fund and de-register an individual enterprise there. To do this, you will need to submit an application to the regional office of the Fund. Be prepared to conduct a field audit of your business by representatives of the Social Security Fund; such a moment is provided by law.
If desired, and if necessary, publish in the media a message about the termination of your activity as an individual entrepreneur, but this cannot be imputed to you.
Wait for the decision on your application. The registering authority will receive it within a period not exceeding five days from the date of submission of the documents. After making the appropriate entry in the register, your company is considered closed.

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