How to store mascara

How long can a mascara last, what you need to know about its storage, how to store mascara and control expiration dates. The first thing you need to know about how to store mascara is: what is the difference between shelf life and shelf life. A channel of useful advice has prepared a mini-instruction.


Shelf life of mascara:



The shelf life of any product is indicated on the packaging of any product, including carcasses. The term is usually indicated in one of three classic ways:


1. The packaging contains the date of manufacture of the product and the time after which the ink will become unusable and cannot be used after that. That is, you need to count the period of 12 or 24 months from the date of manufacture - this will be the life span of your new carcass.


2. The packaging indicates the date of manufacture and the date to which you want to use mascara. Nothing is needed, everything is obvious.


3. The packaging may not contain the date of manufacture, but may be the date of the extreme day of use of the ink - before this day the mascara must be used.


No product can be used after the expiration date. If the mascara was presented to you and you did not need to use it for a long time, check the expiration date and you can start using it, but under one condition - if the mascara has not yet been opened once.


How to store mascara



The fact is that the shelf life of cosmetic products is different from the shelf life. Usually on cosmetics costs two periods: shelf life and shelf life. And if the first value is the date after which the product becomes hazardous to health, the second value shows how much you can store the product after opening the package. That is, if the mascara was opened 3-4 months ago, throw it away, even if you have never used it. Throwing a new mascara less annoying than getting eye problems due to its own negligence.


In addition to all terms, you need to watch the mascara. Stop using this product if the consistency of the carcass has changed, or an unpleasant smell has appeared, even if the smell has simply changed, you should not use mascara anymore.


You can get yourself a calendar of cosmetics. It will be difficult to write all the makeup into it, but you can mark the dates when you change the old one to a new one after each new purchase of mascara.


How to store mascara - storage conditions


Mascara does not like heat and excessive cold, as well as direct sunlight. A cosmetic bag in a bedside table or wardrobe is the most neutral and comfortable place for mascara. In the bathroom is not recommended to store any cosmetics. Near heat sources, cosmetics dries faster or becomes unusable.

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