How to straighten fur

You will need
  • - sponge;
  • - rare comb;
  • - water.
It is worth knowing that both long and short fur can be dented. This can happen if the fur coat gets wet, the pile will lie wrong (for example, you lean your back against the back of the bench) and in this state it dries. The appearance of the product is pretty spoiled, but do not despair, there is a way to straighten the fur, even at home.
To straighten the pile on the fur coat, hang the product on the hanger. Take a foam sponge and moisten it with water. Spend a wet sponge in the area of ​​the coat where you find crumpled fur. This should be done in the direction of growth of the pile. Then comb the fur coat with a rare comb and leave to dry in a hanging state.
Valuable furs - sable, arctic fox, broadtail, silver fox dry indoors in a draft. A fur coat made from cheaper fur can be hung on the balcony or veranda. You should not dry a fur coat with a hair dryer, even if you only need to dry a small area of ​​fur - the pile loses its properties from hot air and becomes brittle.
If after drying you see that the result of the action did not give complete success, repeat the procedure.
Do not forget about the lighting. It is not necessary to conduct experiments on straightening the fur and then drying the fur coat in the sun or under the lamp: the bright furs will turn yellow, and the rest can easily fade.
Remember that it is much easier to prevent such a situation than to straighten the fur of a fur coat. To do this, try to immediately dry the wet coat, do not leave it in a crumpled position, do not store fur products in a bag or box, strictly follow the rules for care and cleaning indicated on the label. After you take off your fur coat after a regular walk, be sure to hang it on your hanger so that it hangs freely, and the fur is in a natural position.

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