How to teach a child to play with toys

First of all, you need to interest the child in the game. Play in front of him an idea: feeding or bathing a doll, walking with her, riding a car. You can stage a tale or a rhyme. It is necessary not only to show a set of actions, but to actively join. Show the child that you are interested. After all, a child not only imitates the actions of an adult, but also becomes infected with his emotional state. And the game is primarily fun. Only for the first time it seems that it is easy to teach a child to play. The game needs the creativity of all the participants, including yours. [Yandex1] You can’t teach a child to play with toys right away. He needs the support and encouragement of an adult. Sometimes it is difficult for a child to repeat an action. For example, it is difficult for him to take a spoon and bring it to the mouth of a doll. Gently take the child's hand in his and perform the action. After one or two hits, the child will succeed.


For the first games it is best to pick up toys that have similarities with real objects.Do not enter into the plot of a new toy. You need to start playing with your favorite baby toy. The child must first rotate it, touch and taste it. This is a natural need of the child. So the child explores the subject. Then you need to give the name of the toy and ask if she likes it. Then make certain actions with her.


Watch your baby play



Observations show that kids who learned to reproduce actions with a toy, often "get stuck" on them. Dozens of times they can feed the doll or collect the same house. This is inevitable at an early stage of the game. But if a child performs the same action for several days in a row, come to his aid. Offer him other actions with the toy. For example, a child only shakes a doll for several weeks. Offer him to feed her, swaddle her. Be sure to show how to do it. Only under your guidance the child will learn to perform new actions, playing with a toy. The game is focused on the process. Therefore, a child of 2-3 years is difficult to move on to the next action. Nothing signals him that the feeding should be stopped. This signal must be you.


In order for the game to be complete, you need not separate game actions, but their sequence. Put the planning elements into the game. For example, you do not just feed the doll: first cook the porridge, then serve the table, put the apron on the doll, then only feed it. Each action is accompanied by a word, questions. You say: << Helen wants to eat. Let's feed her. First we'll cook porridge. Feed her. Where do we have a saucepan? >> So in front of a child you link several actions into one.


So that the kid aimlessly did not put up the cubes, suggest driving them in a car, building a house, lodging a bunny in it. During such joint games, the child learns to perform one action for the sake of another. The kid learns to keep the goal of the game. In these ways, you will teach a child to play with toys on their own.


Involve the child in the game



Gradually limit your activity, giving priority to the child's play. Gradually, he will not need your presence. In the third year of life, you can enter role-playing games. For example, the daughter puts the doll to sleep. You tell her: << Irochka, you are like a mother, you are laying down your daughter >>. These words will help a different child look at their game.


During the game, develop the memory, thinking, and perception of the baby. For example, the son plays with cars. Pay attention to their size: which is bigger, which is less. So the child learns to compare objects, learn the concepts of "big", << small >>. Collecting cubes, pay attention to the colors. Do not overload the child's memory with a lot of information. Do not introduce several new concepts at the same time.


You can not specify the exact age when the child learns to play with toys on their own. Each baby develops individually. And sooner or later he will learn everything. If the child does not perceive the new, do not be upset, do not scold him. So, he has not yet matured for this. Offer him this game later. Censures and insults can discourage play.

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