How to crochet a rocket

Every reading lover knows how important a bookmark is. It's so easy to lose the page on which reading stopped last time. In this master class, we will tie a crochet bookmark. And as the day of astronautics is approaching, our bookmark will be in the form of a rocket. How to make other crafts for Cosmonautics Day look here.

This crocheted rocket can also be used as an applique for children's clothing.

rocket hook

Crochet Rocket - bookmark for books with your own hands

For knitting, bookmarks will require:

  • Children's novelty yarn: blue, blue, yellow, orange;
  • Hook 1, 75 mm;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle;
  • 3 buttons.

This tab can be knit from yarn residues, since it will take quite a bit of thread. You can tie it in any other color. In addition, the product can be used as an appliqué to decorate a bag or a backpack.

We begin to knit a rocket from the bow, so we do 2 in and knit 3 stbn in 2 loop from the hook.

Turn around and knit 1 vp on the rise. And then we sew 1 stb in each loop. We turn around again and now we tie 1 row with additions to the first and last loop.

Next, we knit another 1 row, but now we don’t add, we simply knit 1 stbn into each loop.

Then we knit 5 rows, alternating a row with additions on the sides and a row without increments.

Then change the thread to blue. We associate 1 row with additions on the sides. And then we knit another 16 rows without increments. This is the main part of the rocket.

Then we cut the thread. Let's take the blue yarn again and attach the loop, stepping back from the beginning of row 3 of the loop. We knit 1 stbn, without also tying 3 loops.

Turn around and loop the climb. We knit in the opposite direction. And then you need to link 3 more rows of 1 stb in the loop.

Now attach the orange thread to the place where the blue yarn begins. Knit 4 stbn. Next 2 psnsn. Now we knit 3 stsn, and further 3 sts2n.

Next, make a lifting loop and knit 1 stb in each loop. The same knit on the other side.

Now we will knit vertical stripes. We attach the thread in blue and knit, inserting a hook from us forward, 1 stb.

So knit to the bottom.

On the other hand, we do the same.

Now let's tie the fire tail for the rocket. We start with a yellow thread. Make 6 loops and knit for 1 stb. We change the thread to orange and we knit 1 stbn each, but we knit 3 stbn each to the outer loops on both sides.

It remains to sew buttons that will simulate portholes. Instead of buttons you can link 3 small circles of amigurumi. Sew the flame tongue down the center.

We cut all the excess threads and fill the ends inward between the loops.

The bookmark for the book in the form of a rocket crocheted is ready!

The author of the master class is Anna Moiseeva.

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