How to track ovulation

Note the increased vaginal secretions in about five to ten days after the end of menstruation. This is one of the signs of the release of the egg and indicates its readiness for fertilization.
Analyze your emotional feelings. An increase in libido with the onset of ovulation in some women is a fairly reliable indication that the egg has matured. You may be able to catch a change in mood. However, this method can not be called objective, since sexual desire, of course, depends not only on readiness for fertilization.
Measure your basal temperature, starting from the last day of your period. Write it in a notebook, or start on one of the sites dedicated to conception, an electronic notebook. Take measurements in the morning, at the same time, immediately after waking up. As soon as you see that the temperature has increased by 0.4-0.6 degrees, ovulation is likely to occur.
To be ninety-nine percent confident in the onset of ovulation, buy tests.They must be done in the morning, five to ten days after the end of menstruation. The exact date when you need to start catchingovulation, look at the special table on the site It depends on the duration of the menstrual cycle and is individual for each woman. Keep an eye on the egg for four to six days until the test is positive.
Go to the ultrasound.

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