How to track traffic

You will need
  • - own site
If you do not want site statistics to be available to every user, then protect it with a password. So you can be sure that competitors will not be available information about your traffic.
In the online accounting system, choose the size and color of the counter that is convenient for your website. Copy the proposed code to your site so that the counter is on every page and does not interfere with visitors.
After installing the counter, wait 24-48 hours for the counter to record as many parameters as possible.traffic. This will help to track its parameters in more detail.
Log into the attendance system, the counter that is installed on your site. See what the attendance of your resource. If enough time has passed since the installation of the meter, it is possible to judge the attendance trends not only by the hour, but also by the days of the week or calendar months. The increase in the number of visitors indicates that the direction you have chosen in promoting and filling your resource is correct.
If site traffic starts to decline day by day, then it is worth thinking about changes on the site and in the system of its promotion. To choose the right path, analyze the entry and exit points, search phrases, the amount of time spent by the average visitor to the site. Consider whether the site can provide the visitor with the information he is looking for. If necessary, add new information to the site or change the old one.
Look, whether sources from which visitors come, correspond to subject of your resource. If the theme of your and third-party sites is different, then use to attract new visitors only sites with similar themes. Visitors from such resources will spend more time on your web pages, since the information contained on them will be interesting to them. And those who find the site interesting, will return to it more than once.
Analyze the regions from which visitors come to the site, and compare them with those that your resource is focused on. If the regions are different, then reconsider your advertising campaign: if you use search engines for advertising, set the region for displaying ads, and when submitting advertising through sites, remove links from resources targeted to regions you don't need.
Also, track the gender and age picture of visitors and the relevance of material on the site to such demographic parameters, display resolutions and the appearance of web pages at this resolution, browsers of visitors and the adequacy of their display of material on the site. Accounting for all parameters when trackingtrafficwill help improve the site and increase its traffic.

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