How to transfer money from Beeline to Megaphone

Use a special function to make transfers to transfer money from Beeline to Megaphone. To do this, open a new SMS and specify the number of the required subscriber in the message text. The number must have an international format and begin with the "seven". After the space from it, enter the transferred amount in rubles - an integer from 10 to 500 rubles.
Send the text to the short number 7878. After a while, you will receive a response message from the operator with a request to confirm the transfer from Beeline to Megaphone. To complete the operation, follow the instructions given in the SMS. If there are not enough funds in your account, or, for example, the subscriber’s number is blocked, the operator will report that it is impossible to make a transfer. The operation has a commission, which can be found on the Beeline website.
Try to send money from Beeline to Megaphone through the official website of the operator, where there is a corresponding section of transfers.To replenish the account of another subscriber, go to the function "Transfer to another number." On the page that opens, enter your own phone number, then select "Get a password." You will receive the necessary combination for authorization on the site to your number in the form of SMS. Confirm the terms of the operator and click "Login".
Specify the amount you want to send from Beeline to Megaphone, as well as the number of the desired subscriber in the international format. Click "Pay". On the next page you will see the amount that will be deducted from your account, and the transfer fee. Confirm the operation, check the validity of the filled data.
You can transfer money from Beeline to Megaphone using the service "MOBI Money". To activate the function, send an SMS to the number 3116 with the word "bee", after the space - the number of the recipient and again after the space - the amount in rubles. You can also make a transfer not only via telephone, but also on the MOBI Money website. Go to the "Transfer funds" menu and then select "Transfer to Phone".
Complete the authorization, which is similar to the steps described above: you will need to enter your phone number to receive an SMS with a password.Then you will find yourself on the page for making a payment, where you should fill in all the necessary data according to the proposed requirements.

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