How to transfer money from the phone to the phone MegaFon

How to transfer money from the phone to the phone MegaFonLife is full of unforeseen situations and sometimes it happens that the right subscriber can not get in touch due to lack of money on the balance sheet. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to quickly replenish an account due to various reasons. That is why many operators provide their customers with the opportunity to transfer funds from their account to the account of another subscriber. From our article you will learn how to transfer money from your phone to a MegaFon phone.

How to make a financial transfer from MegaFon to MegaFon

If you use the services of this company and the subscriber who needed to send funds, you can do it with the following actions:

  1. Before you share your balance, check your account. The operation will not be possible if, after the transfer, less than 150 rubles remain on your phone. In addition, please note that you can send to the subscriber’s account an amount in excess of 10 rubles.
  2. You will also need to connect the corresponding service on your mobile device. This can be done by sending a message to number 3311, which should contain only one digit - 1.
  3. Transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon is quite simple. To do this, you need to send a USSD request of the following form: * 133 * amount of transferred funds * subscriber number in ten-digit format #. After dialing the desired combination, press the call button and wait for the request to be processed.
  4. After that, you will receive a text message, in which the confirmation code will be written.
  5. This combination must be sent to the same number from which you received this message.

The process of transferring money from MegaFon to Megaphone is now complete. After a few seconds, your subscriber will receive the funds transferred to his account, and the corresponding commission will be charged from your balance.How to transfer money from the phone to the phone MegaFon

How to send money from MTS to Megafon

To conduct a similar operation, you will need to use the Internet. Let's look at the whole process as a sequence of actions:

  1. In the address bar of the browser, type the following:
  2. Register and log in to your "My Account".
  3. On the page that opens, you will see a menu in which you need to find the “Mobile Phone” item.
  4. In the window that appears, select the operator you need, in this case it is MegaFon.
  5. Then on the screen you will see a questionnaire, all the items which need to be correctly filled.
  6. When all the necessary actions are completed, your subscriber will receive the necessary funds to his account.How to transfer money from the phone to the phone MegaFon

How to replenish an account to a MegaFon subscriber from Beeline

Mobile operator Beeline provides a choice of two ways to transfer money to the phone of another subscriber. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Method number 1

  1. Log on to the Internet and open the page at
  2. On the left you will see the menu. Find the option "Transfer to Phone" in it.
  3. When you open the window, you will see several fields that will need to be filled. Carefully monitor the data entry.
  4. If you do everything as it should, the subscriber will receive the funds transferred by you within a few seconds.

Method number 2

How to transfer money from the phone to the phone MegaFonThe second method is quite simple. Type the following message on the keyboard of your mobile device: mgf [phone number without 8] [transfer amount]. Square brackets are not necessary.Then send this SMS to the short number 7878. If in the process of making the operation there are no errors, you will receive a confirmation message to your phone.

As you can see, transfer money from the phone to the MegaFon phone is not so difficult. In this article we described how to carry out this process if you use the services of one of the three most popular cellular companies in the country.

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