How to translate into sepia

You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • - image.
One of the ways to quickly imitate the color of a picture with sepia is to apply a layer filled with color to the photo. Open an image in Photoshop for this and add a new color-filled layer to the document by applying the Solid Color option in the New Fill Layer group of the Layer menu. When choosing a fill color from the palette, enter the value 704214 in the six-digit color field. Apply the created fill to the image in the Color mode.
A similar, but slightly less contrast, result is obtained if we use the Hue / Saturation option for coloring an image. Choose 704214 as the main color and paste the adjustment layer over the open photo. Apply to this the option Hue / Saturation, which can be found in the New Adjustment Layer group of the Layer menu. Turn on the Colorize option in the settings window.
To paint an image in sepia color, you can use a gradient map. To do this, apply a correction layer to the image opened in the editor by applying the Gradient Map option of the New Adjustment Layer group. Clicking on the opened gradient bar, adjust the transition from white to sepia.Painted in this way, the image will become more contrast if you apply a correction layer to the image in the Color mode.
Using the Photo Filter option, you can get a sepia effect on a picture previously translated to black and white. To do this, use the Desaturate option of the Adjustments group of the Image menu or switch the image to the grayscale mode with the Grayscale option of the Mode group of the same menu. The image transferred to Grayscale will need to be returned to RGB mode using the Mode group option.
Use the Photo Filter New Adjustment Layer option to create an adjustment layer. Select the Sepia item from the Filter list and turn on the Preserve Luminosity option in the settings. To change the degree of application of the effect, adjust the Density parameter.
Save the colored image with the Save As option of the File menu.

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