How to treat burrs

In order not to provoke the appearance of burrs, do not neglect regular hand skin care. When using aggressive detergents, use sealed rubber gloves with a cotton base. This will prevent dryness of the skin and its coarsening in the area of ​​the nails, where it is especially sensitive.
If the burrs have already formed, do not tear them off with your hands, especially not washed. In this case, there are torn bleeding wounds, which, if they become infected, may fester. If they appear, make a warm bath with essential oils of bergamot, lemon or orange tree, add a few drops of liquid soap to it. Razorte hands in it, keep them in a soap solution for at least 10-15 minutes. To remove burrs, use special manicure tweezers.
When removing burrs with tweezers, do not pull the skin, but very carefully bite it at the base of the burrs. If the skin on the nail roller is not damaged, but simply coarsened, make a polishing with a soft polishing nail file and treat the surface well with any colorless disinfectant.
If, nevertheless, as a result of a breakage of a burr, inflammation began, then at the very first signs make a warm bath and soda or salt and hold the finger in it for at least 15-20 minutes. Apply to the wound any ointment that has anti-inflammatory properties: Levomikol, hydrocartisone, tetracycline, or synthomycin. Alternate soda and salt baths every other day until inflammation subsides. If the pain in the finger becomes pulsating, then immediately consult a doctor.
From folk remedies, with inflammation from the burr, we can recommend lotions from Kolanchoe juice. After the salt or soda bath on the opened abscess, apply a kneaded sheet of Kalanchoe and place a tampon moistened with the juice of this plant on top of it, and band your finger with a sterile bandage.
Do not forget to care for the skin of the hands and around the nails to avoid the appearance of painful burrs.
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Unfortunately, few people know what the burrs appear about, how to get rid of them and how to properly care for the skin of the hands so that they no longer disturb. They not only treat existing burrs, but also have a preventive effect.It is desirable to constantly use therapeutic creams, as well as moisturizing and firming compresses for hands and nails.
Helpful advice
How to treat burrs? You need a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as taking vitamin complexes. Hot 10-minute hand baths with a few drops of lemon or bergamot essential oil (you can substitute olive or vegetable oil) are also helpful before bedtime, then dried skin with a napkin and smeared with nourishing cream.

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