How to treat pinched lumbar nerve folk remedies

What is the danger of pinching

When the lumbar nerve is pinched, all parts of the spine are affected, starting from the neck. The nature of the pain in each case is individual. But the common symptoms of the disease are:
- muscle weakness;
- back pain;
- local immobility;
- decrease in activity.
If you do not start treatment, pinching gradually leads to neuropathy, as a result of which the spinal nerves are affected.

Folk remedies for pinching the lumbar nerve

Various treatments for a disease must begin with the elimination of its cause. With a slight pinch, it is enough to conduct a course of physiotherapy, in another case, surgical intervention is required. An effective specialist prescribes effective treatment, but you can significantly improve your condition at home using traditional medicine.
To relieve pain, prepare the tincture of bay leaf.To do this, pour 2 tablespoons. dry or fresh leaves with a glass of vodka and leave in a dark place for 2-3 days. With regular rubbing in the lumbar region there is a rapid restoration of joint mobility.
As a treatment for pinching the lumbar nerve, a “pancake” compress is used. Mix a glass of honey with a glass of flour and knead the tortilla. Attach it to the lower back before bedtime and fix it with a warm scarf. In the morning, remove the compress and remove the remnants of the "pancake" with warm water.
You can rub the affected areas of the body with an ointment of coniferous resin or take a warm bath with the addition of coniferous decoction.
Celery squeeze is recommended to be applied as a compress to the sore spot.
For internal recovery of the body, it is advisable to take fresh celery juice before each meal, 1-2 tablespoons.
A rather simple recipe for treating a pinch is rubbing a sore spot with fir oil or valerian tincture. To enhance the effect, it is necessary to wrap the lower back with a warm scarf to warm up the spine.
To quickly restore the function of the spine, prepare a solution of 10 tablets of dipyrone, a bottle of iodine and a glass of alcohol.The resulting tool to insist for 3 days, then used to rub the lesions. The very next day there is a visible improvement, the painful sensations subside.

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