How to type text on the keyboard

It is impossible to learn how to print quickly with long nails. In order not to cling to neighboring keys and avoid typos, and at the same time to save hands from possible minor injuries, shave your nails shorter. Press the keys can only pads.
There are two systems for setting the hand onkeyboard, depending on the type of keyboard and the shape of the user's hand. The most popular is based on the position of the fingers of the left hand on the keys "f", "s", "c", "a" and for the right one on "o", "l", "g", "g". For convenience, there are special projections on the keys “a” and “o”, along which you can orient the index fingers. Thumbs are pressed spaces. Pressing other keys is made with the nearest finger.
More ergonomic starting position is considered “m”, “c”, “s”, “f” for the left hand and “t”, “l”, “d”, “g” for the right (from the index finger to the little finger). Thumbs also remain on the spaces. The remaining keys are pressed on the same principle as in the previous system.

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