How to want a child?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 19, 2013
How to want a child?

When young people have been dating for quite a long time and the relationship moves to a more serious stage, it is quite logical that one of the partners begins to talk about children. It is especially interesting to plan the number and sex of children, discussing the most important aspects of childbearing with your partner. However, such topics often scare the partner away, making him more withdrawn and cautious, and sometimes even lead to an unexpected break. Why is this happening?

Causes of doubt and fear

Most of those people who still do not carry the honorary title of father or mother, having children is identified with a host of problems. The memory of constantly screaming and writing babies, borrowed from a movie, can scare anyone away. Moreover, babies are believed to be creatures that take away all the free space and paralyze personal life. A significant proportion of young people are simply afraid that they will never be able to become good parents. These fears lead to a lack of desire to have children.

But what if your partner literally puts an ultimatum, threatening separation? How do you want a child if you do not want to lose a loved one, and your father's or mother's feelings have not woken up yet?

Nurturing the senses

Take a walk in good weather in the park, where there is a playground, and pay attention to happy couples, walking there with their children. You will see the joyful smiles of the little ones and the happiness with which the parents embrace them. Talk with friends who already have children, but not with those who got married on an occasional “fly-in”, since quite often such unions have nothing to do with a happy, happy family. Let it be those for whom the baby has become a welcome miracle and brought joy to the relationship of loving people.

Review your childhood photos and ask your mom about how you were as a child. She, for certain, will remember a lot of funny and happy moments of your biography. Imagine that a small, pretty copy similar to you or your half will appear next to you, which will smile when you appear and fuck, trying to explain something in a language that is not yet understood by you.

And if your husband wanted a child, and you really care about your partner and are ready to share your fate with him, then you should still think. If you are ready to help your husband in solving problems that are still present in a family where there are children, then parental feelings will certainly wake up. And as soon as you first take your baby in your arms and look into his eyes, motherly love will sweep over with a warm wave.

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