How to water the beets


Watering the beets in the period of emergence

Even before planting seeds, the beds intended for growing beets should be well moistened. Then, when the first shoots appear, it is important that the soil does not dry out, but plenty of watering at this time is not needed. Therefore, watering beets in the period of emergence of shoots is carried out at the rate of about 10 liters of water per square meter of bed. It is also important to take into account the role of precipitation in irrigation of beets. Abundant rains can completely replace irrigation, since excess moisture has a detrimental effect on the quality of the fruit. They can crack and rot.

Watering the beets in the period of fruit

When the fruits begin to pour, the rate of water consumption slightly increase. Watering is carried out already at the rate of 15-18 liters per square meter. But watering beets infrequently, once in 8-10 days. It is also important to avoid overmoistening the soil at this stage. Therefore, before watering, you should check the degree of moistening of the bed with a wooden stick. You need to stick it into the ground, and then pull it out and see how much the soil needs to be watered.

Important!Approximately one month before harvesting, the beets are stopped watering.So root crops dry up and get stronger before long storage.

Beet watering methods

Gardeners use various methods for watering beets. The simplest and budget method is using a regular watering can. However, it is important to bear in mind that the pressure should not be too strong, otherwise young shoots can be damaged. Also highly respected by experienced growers of the sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. But these devices require certain financial costs. The best water for irrigating beets is rainwater. When using well water, it must be kept for at least 24 hours, and it is also important that it warms to 20-25 degrees.

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