How to withdraw cash from the phone?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
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How to withdraw cash from the phone?

Often there are situations when it is necessary to cash money from an account on a mobile phone. How can I do that? We offer two options - through the Unistream system or QIWI.


Using Unistream is pretty simple. The scheme of actions is approximately the same for all operators. First you need to transfer money to the point of issue of Unistream - specify the addresses of similar in your locality. There you can get cash. You can contact any item available to you.

To order a transfer from MegaFon, Beeline or MTS (in rubles), you must send a message to the number 3116 with the text: "uni Amount of transfer Recipient data". For example, sms may look like: "uni 700 Tatyana Ilyushina."

If the money is withdrawn in dollars, you can use the number 7878. In this case, the text of the message: "uni Sender details Passport number of the sender Recipient details Transfer amount".

You can transfer from 100 to 14,000 rubles. The transfer fee in Russia is 2.9 percent, it is removed from the phone along with the amount of the transfer.


You can also withdraw money using the QIWI payment system. It is necessary to register an account in the system on your number, and transfer money from it to it. In Beeline, this service is not available. When transferring from MegaFon, there is no commission, if you withdraw from MTS, the commission is 9.90 percent.

Log in and select the option "Top up your wallet", then - "Online", and find your operator in the list. Select, fill out the form, after which the money will be credited to the account. You can then withdraw cash from your QIWI account to a bank account or card or send it via a money transfer system.

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