I realized it was too late! Feedback on Colosseum mattresses

I appeal to all parents - do not save money on the health of their children! I understood it too late when trouble came to my house. My daughter - a great lover to sit at the computer, however, like all children - so much damage to her spine that during the year we practically did not get out of the doctors' offices. The diagnosis of scoliosis, it seemed, would never leave our home. Fear of the progression of the disease and the possibility of surgery drove my daughter to tears. Live constantly in the corset - it is also not at all happy.

So we came to a consultation with the orthopedic surgeon, who picked up a suitable corset and prescribed a special treatment course. We were about to leave, as the doctor advised me to buy Colosseum mattresses, I nearly lost my temper. And here are mattresses, when the curvature of the spine makes the life of my child unhappy.The doctor, after listening to me, nevertheless, convincingly continued to advise reading on the Internet reviews about the mattresses of the Colosseum.

Honestly, speaking, my fifteen year old girl, quickly fulfilled this recommendation and interested me. The persuasiveness of the texts led me to the store, where I bought an orthopedic mattress, of course, after consulting with the doctor again. After all, just like clothes should fit the size and taste, so also the mattresses of the Colosseum, providing comfort and good sleep, should be suitable for your disease and fit the body.

Now I understand that for patients with scoliosis it is simply necessary to buy an orthopedic mattress. The secret here is that the correctly chosen stiffness helps the spine to acquire the correct position during sleep. The mattress, indeed, helps to improve the physical condition. But there is a golden rule: it is easier to prevent a disease than to cure it. Therefore, I want to warn all of you: take care in advance about the health of your child.

A healthy vertebra is a wonderful state of health and joy, it is beauty and a slender figure.It is especially important to pay attention to this in childhood and adolescence, when the spine is formed. Improper posture, sedentary lifestyle, incorrect body position during the preparation of homework, long hours at the computer - all this can lead to scoliosis. And if you want to prevent the disease, the first step on this path is to purchase an orthopedic mattress. Therefore, I advise everyone to read about Colosseum mattresses!

Loving Mom, Hope.

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