Ice Glass

Ice Glassis a master class, we do an unusual glass of ice with our own hands, which will be an original replacement for a regular glass at a party, as well as the replacement of ice cubes.

Materials and tools:

  1. 1 large paper (plastic) cup and 1 smaller plastic cup;
  2. water and vegetable oil;
  3. Scotch;
  4. freezer.

Step 1

First, take a small plastic cup and lubricate the outer surface with oil.

Pour some water into a large cup, put a small cup in it, align the edges of the cups and fix a small cup, for example, with scotch tape or put something heavy (so that the cup does not pop up) and pour water into a large cup. We put a glass of ice and leave until the water is completely freezing.

When the water is frozen, get a glass from the freezer. We pull out a small cup - it should easily “slip out” of the ice, becausegreased it with oil. Now, to easily remove a large glass, pour warm water on it. Important: use water a little warmer than room temperature; an ice-glass could crack from hot water.

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