Illuminated Mirrors

Mirrors with highlights stand out against the background of ordinary mirror canvases, especially with the advent of darkness. These products are subject to increased requirements for electrical and fire safety, in connection with which it is necessary to take a responsible approach to their choice. To buy a mirror with lighting has become for you only a positive moment, order such products in the online store from the manufacturer MIRA.

The virtues of such mirrors

Mirror canvases with integrated illumination are in demand due to the many advantages:

  • Pleasant appearance that fits in both modern and classic interior styles.
  • High quality of reflection in the dark at the expense of a uniform and bright illumination of the environment.
  • Reasonable cost, the possibility of individual production of the mirror on request of the buyer.

These and other advantages of illuminated mirror products are available to all MIRA customers.

Mirror Light Options

Depending on the location, the number of light sources and their directivity, the illumination of mirrors from the Miradeco company can be classified into three types - exterior, exterior and decorative. Let us examine each of the types in more detail:

  • Inner. Such illumination is provided by using ribbons with LEDs built into the mirror design. So that the light from them does not blind the person in front of them, the LEDs are usually located under the matte surface. It disperses the light and makes it softer and more pleasant.
  • Outdoor. In this case, the lighting elements are placed not inside but outside the structure. This type of lighting is the most powerful, as it illuminates not only the mirror itself, but also the surrounding space. Typically, such a backlight has a lot of options for adjusting and adjusting the flow of light.
  • Decorative. This option is not suitable for use as an additional source of lighting, and was created solely in order to complement the interior of a bathroom or other room. Decorative LED lighting can be performed in a wide range of colors.

Which of the following options to choose? It depends on what result you want to get, and for what purpose a mirror is used. To work with makeup, it is better to choose products with external illumination, whereas for interior decoration, with decorative or internal, depending on how much power is needed.

What lamp options are available?

Of great importance when choosing mirror products from Miradeco is the type of lamps used. These can be LEDs, halogen, neon and gas-discharge lamps. Each type has its own characteristics:

  • Halogen. The work and devices of such elements are similar to traditional incandescent lamps. Lamps of this type are well suited for rooms with high humidity, including bathrooms and showers.
  • Gas-discharge and neon. Such elements are characterized by a high level of light output. There are also such type of lamps as fluorescent ones, but they can flicker, which creates excessive voltage for the eyes.
  • LED. The most preferred and economical option, which is very popular. LEDs give a bright diffused light, can emit light of various shades.

A large selection of mirror products with built-in, decorative and exterior lighting can be found in the catalog of the online store MIRA. This company is a manufacturer of mirrors, therefore it is responsible for the quality of the goods, offers a long-term guarantee and maintains an adequate cost of the products sold. In addition, customers can make original mirrors with any custom-made lights.

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