In what style to decorate an apartment

Any owner wants his home to be beautiful, comfortable and harmonious. An important role in the general perception of the premises is played by the correctly chosen style of the apartment interior, which allows to give the property its own “face” and make it meet the tastes and preferences of all the household. In order to design a solid and attractive, for a start it does not hurt to decide on exactly which style your family’s priority is, and also to study the philosophy and aesthetic component of the direction you like.

In what style to make an apartment: selection criteria

Reflecting on the style in which to make repairs in an apartment, it should be taken into account that when creating the interior we create the atmosphere of a specific period of time, a significant era, traditions of a particular country. When using certain attributes and decor elements, absolutely clear associations are born, so mixing several styles and mindlessly using details can lead to imbalance and glut of information.

On the other hand, today it is quite difficult to meet any style in its purest form. Many designers still use the mixing of directions (eclectic), but they take as a basis one basic image and get a single concept, diluted with one or two additional motives. This takes into account not only the distinctive features of a style, but also its philosophical perception. In other words, minimalism is not just a lack of decor and straight forms, but a free and bright space. Country - not just ethnic patterns, snags and beamed ceilings, but natural elements and natural materials.

In interior design there is a huge variety of styles that can be divided into three types:

1)Traditional- those directions that never go out of fashion and are not forgotten. They give the room elegance and nobility, and their design uses a wide range of techniques and elements - from antique decor to floral ornaments.

2)Ethnic- meet the traditions of a particular country and imply the use of details inherent in the culture of the chosen nation.

3)Modern- they are characterized by simplicity, straight geometry and sharpness of lines. Primary importance is attached to the freedom of space, while the details recede into the background.

In what style to make repairs in the apartment: choose the direction

Deciding in what style to design an apartment, every homeowner is looking for the option that will be individual and most comfortable. Familiarity with the distinctive features of each direction will certainly help to make the right choice.

Traditional Styles

For traditional styles are characterized by noble tones, elegant furnishings, use in the design of expensive textiles, tableware, paintings. The design should be relaxed and light, allowing you to create an atmosphere of hospitality and special comfort. The most popular areas of this subject include:

1)Classic- welcomes high ceilings, the presence of wood in the finish (parquet, solid furniture), expensive wallpaper, heavy curtains with lambrequins. Everything in it is subject to wealth and luxury.

2)Baroque- distinguished by pompousness and overloaded with details. Drapery fabrics, elements of natural stone, hand-painted, murals, sculpture, floor clock - all are integral features of this direction.

3)Art Deco- combines modern and classic, thanks to which it is chic and luxurious, but at the same time emphasizes strict geometry and stepped shapes.

Ethnic Styles

Ethno-styles will be liked by the supporters of a cozy village atmosphere and household items that make up the way of life of different cultures. The most popular ones:

1)Provenceis an authentic French trend characterized by pleasant and warm colors, floral motifs, wrought iron elements. In no other style there is such a "flowering" variety, represented by floral ornaments and potted flowers.

2)Japanese- conciseness and restraint in every detail, complemented by functionality and plenty of light.When making a design, screens and partitions, bamboo products, ceramics, wall engravings and, of course, bonsai are considered mandatory.

3)Scandinavian- the basic philosophy of style is naturalness and simplicity. The design contains pastel colors, plaster and natural materials (leather, cotton, wood, glass, metal).

Modern Styles

In the modern decoration of the apartment is extremely important to withstand simplicity and functionality, as well as to abandon all kinds of ryushechek, fringe, floral prints and lace. Some of the most popular destinations are:

1)Hi-tech- innovative materials and ideal proportions are the main trends of this style. The environment is free from excess, and perception is based on the desire to adopt new technologies.

2)Loft- involves the creation of an association with industrial facilities. In the design it is customary to use brickwork, concrete surfaces, open metal structures (ventilation, pipelines).

3)Minimalism- wood, glass and metal dominate the interior of the finishing materials. The direction calls to abandon the decor and maintain the finish in a monochromatic color scheme.

If you have not managed to decide on the choice of style - it does not matter.

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