Invisible DVD / CD shelf

Invisible shelf for DVD / CD discsan easy to create and install shelf for storing DVD / CD discs, as well as the Invisible Bookshelf looks interesting and unusual, the discs are always at hand and not occupy space on the table. A good shelf for storing collections.

Materials and tools:

  1. DVD / CD box;
  2. scissors (or knife);
  3. screwdriver;
  4. corner bracket;
  5. drill, screws, dowels.

Step 1

Take the box from the disk and from the side where it closes, using a pair of scissors, make a hole in the middle for the bracket. You can use 2 brackets for greater stability - with the corresponding holes, we pass 2 holes closer to the edges of the box.

Step 2

Choose a place on the wall where the shelf will hang; take the bracket and mark the place for the holes on the wall. Drill holes and insert dowels in them.

Step 3

With the help of screws, fasten the bracket to the wall and put the box on the disc.

An invisible shelf for DVD / CD discsis ready. The shelf is strong enough to run a large number of discs. Put the wheels on the shelf. Now the disks are clearly visible, always "at hand" and do not occupy space on the table.

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