It took her 4 years and 10,000+ wrappers to sew this dress and get married!

It looks like a very persistent and purposeful girl.

“I diligently collected candy wrappers (friends and family helped me) for 4 years to create this dress. After the wrappers accumulated a sufficient amount, I laid them out in colors, smoothed and folded chains from them. ”Said Emily.

“With the help of an elastic thread, I sewed the resulting chains together. It turned out a kind of "canvas" from which you can sew a dress. On our first date with my future husband, he offered me a box of chocolates.Starburst this happened a few years before I started this project. This is his favorite candy, he began to collect candy wrappers for me ... The dress took pride of place next to gifts from guests at our wedding, which took place almost two years ago! ”

She diligently saved up candy wrappers for 4 years to create this dress.

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