Italian cookware review from Nuova R2S

Nuova R2S is an Italian manufacturer of dishes, whose products are in demand all over the world, which is facilitated by excellent quality and original design solutions. Items of kitchen utensils made of environmentally friendly and safe materials are made: glass, porcelain, wood and high-grade food grade plastic. The quality of the dishes is controlled during the production process at all stages of production.

Lovers of Unique Collections

Annual thematic collections - sets of dishes, distinguished by an exquisite design, which the manufacturer surprises and pleases. They can be purchased in the complete set or select individual, most needed items of kitchen utensils.

In addition to a huge range of dishes, under the Nuova R2S brand, various serving items and accessories for kitchens and living rooms, containers for storing spices, cereals, sweets, cookies, etc. are produced.Among the products of the Italian manufacturer there are original rotating dishes for serving, dessert plates, two-tier candy dishes, snack sets, cutting boards, tea sets and much more.

It is important to note that the designs of these products are similar to the collection ones. Thanks to this idea of ​​the manufacturer, it will be easy to equip your kitchen or dining room in the same style.

Quality and practicality - the same characteristics of the dishes Nuova R2S

Products brand Nuova R2S is practical and ergonomic. Since the founding of the company for the production of dishes, these characteristics have remained unchanged. Nuova R2S products are characterized by durability and high strength. Cookware, no matter how often it is used, retains its flawless appearance. Also an important characteristic is the ability to use plates and cups in the microwave for both heating and cooking various dishes.

Nuova R2S Tableware - an Unusual Gift

The manufacturer took care not only about the quality and design of products, but also about its packaging. All collections of dishes and kitchen utensils are available in boxes, made in the same style with products. In view of this presentability, the products of the Nuova R2S brand can be given freely for any reason, and it will be an unusual and pleasant gift.

A large assortment of dishes and kitchen accessories from the Nuova R2S brand are presented in the Mint online store. Here you can buy not only thematic collections, but also individual items that are most popular among consumers. The cost of utensils and other utensils is optimal, since the supply is established directly from the manufacturer.

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