Janet Jackson lost 25 kilos

During the concert, Janet Jackson in Los Angeles as part of the State of the World tour, a big surprise awaited the fans. The 51-year-old singer came on stage in jeans and a turtleneck, emphasizing ... her new forms! It was as if there weren't all those extra kilos she gained after the birth of her son Issa and because of which the tour was under threat (Janet was very worried that she could not return the old forms to the beginning of the performance, and was embarrassed to appear in front of the fans in this form).

Janet Jackson lost 25 kilosJanet Jackson lost 25 kilosJanet Jackson lost 25 kilos

Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child in January of this year. Late pregnancy was not easy for her, the expectant mother had to make sacrifices in order to carry a healthy child. How exactly Janet recovered is difficult to say. The tabloids wrote that the figure on the scales was 113 kilograms, and the extra weight - 43 kilos! Before the start of the tour, Janet sternly took hold of herself and dropped at least 25 kilograms! Friends of the singer say that the last few months, she literally "lived" in the gym and strictly followed a diet.Well, Janet devotes all her free time to her son. "I thank God for him," she does not hide her happiness. "He's a healthy, beautiful, sweet, loving child."

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