Jennifer Lawrence scares the goosebumps in the thriller "Mama"

The company Paramount shared the first teaser of one of the most anticipated films of this year - the 30-second roll of the mystical thriller Darren Aronofsky "Mama". Despite the cute name, on the poster, the main character, Jennifer Lawrence (who is not recognizable with a long scythe!), Smiles sweetly, holding in her hands ... a heart torn from her chest. And all because “Mother” (in the original Mother!) Is not a touching comedy, but a psychological thriller about a married couple, whose life turns into hell after the uninvited guests find themselves on the doorstep.

Jennifer Lawrence is not the only star of "Mom", the director managed to put together a great team, which also included Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris and Kristen Uig. Every work of Aronofsky is customary to wait with particular impatience, and, judging by the teaser, in which the heroine is slowly moving towards the door, “Mama” will not be an exception.

The film will premiere at the 74th Venice Film Festival (from August 30 to September 9), and the tape will be released on September 15th.

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