Johnny Depp has turned sharply into an old man and looks painful.

Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" for the year has grown old for several decades.

Remember that handsome man who, in one deft movement, climbed into a ship match? And drove the beauties in all ports along the way?

So now in the actor the features of Jack Sparrow are viewed with difficulty ... Over the past year, Depp has become very old, and in recent photos he looks painful at all.

Photo: Legion-Media

Seeing the latest shots of a favorite actor, fans began to sound the alarm. In the photos, Depp looks very exhausted and thinner. The skin on the face seems flabby, and the cheeks - sunken.

The only thing that gives the man in the photo of the actor, so it is his brown eyes. Many decided that stress was reflected in the 54-year-old actor due to a sharp division of property with Amber Heard and the sale of his favorite people. In addition, the actor had a hard time because of the numerous court hearings.After all, he could be at all behind bars on charges of beating his former lover.

Others claim that it�s too early to sound the alarm. After all, quite recently, the actor completed work on the picture of Richard Says Goodbye, where he played a university professor fighting oncology.

Well, in any case, a couple of days off and going to a good restaurant, Johnny definitely doesn�t hurt.

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