Keychain in the Yakut national style

Ordinary key chains and pendants sold in stores look trite and ordinary. We suggest you sew your own little accessory in the Yakut national style, called "Charapah". This charapa was thrown earlier on a horse along with a saddle. Now charaparas are used during the summer national holiday "Ysyakh". We will make a small copy of such chapparaha, the size of a little larger than a matchbox. This accessory is now very relevant, it looks very beautiful. Step 1) What you need: a drape of any color, preferably natural colors like red, green, yellow; beads of different colors that match the color of the fabric; needle; thread; scissors; soap or chalk.
 key ring in the Yakut style
 key chain in the Yakut style
Step 2) We determine the size of the product, choose the color of the fabric. The charade is made up of two layers of tissue: the base and the inside. They should be of different colors, preferably dark and light.With soap we draw a base on the fabric, which is symmetrical on the sides (see Fig.). On the second fabric we draw the inside. It should be 4-5 mm less than the base. Both parts neatly cut.
key chain in the Yakut style
Step 3) We superimpose both parts on each other. The edge of the base is treated with an even seam so that the threads do not protrude from the edge. We fix the inside of the base and sew it onto it in any convenient, but beautiful and durable way.
 Yakut-style key ring
 Yakut style key ring
Step 4) Select the beads that fit the product in size and color. Since our product is small, beads should be chosen small. Suitable glass, not plastic beads. We chose the red round. With the help of a fine needle, embroider a Yakut national pattern with beads, meaning happiness and wealth. It was believed that the more beautiful and richer this pattern, the more authoritative the owner of this chapparaha. Pattern shape pattern is easy to find on the Internet. It should make this pattern.Then we place golden glass beads on the spaces of the spaces between the red beads, or any other beads that differ in color from red, otherwise it will not be visible. In the end you get this pattern.
 key chain in the Yakut style
 Yakut-style keychain
Yakut style keychain
Step 5) Our mini accessory is almost ready. It remains only to make pendants from beads. To do this, choose several types of beads of different colors. We create a combination of colors, and in the simplest way we make beautiful, small pendants. The main thing is not to pull the thread too tight. In this case, the pendants are uneven and too hard. It should be very beautiful. Different colors enliven the overall look of the accessory. Step 6) The back of the chopper after sewing does not look very neat, as the rear threads are visible. In this case, if necessary, you can gently stick the self-adhesive material with an iron, or sew any thin fabric. It is important that this fabric is imperceptible in front and not spoiledproduct shape.
 keychain in the Yakut style
 key ring in the Yakut style
 keychain in the Yakut style
So, our mini-charakapah ready! Now you can proudly wear it with a phone, bag, etc. Also in the same way you can make mittens, and also wear as a keychain. These mini key chains look great in the form of a gift. Good luck, and wear with pleasure.

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