Kitchen table material - we are looking for a balance of price and quality

The choice of the table for the kitchen will be successful or unsuccessful, it depends on you, your attention to this issue. Do not buy the cheapest or most compact of the options offered by sellers, even if your kitchen is catastrophically small. Consider all the models, do not hesitate to sit behind them, measure them and think for a while, consult with your family.

What requirements must meet the kitchen table?

Of course, the table should be moisture-resistant, scratch-resistant and aggressive detergents, dyes. From the material and model of the table depends on the life of the table and its convenience for all family members.

What material to choose for the kitchen table?

The cheapest tables are made of chipboard. However, we must remember that such a table is not very resistant to mechanical stress, and over time from moisture, it can deform.

Wooden table - a real classic of the genre.Kitchen table, competently made of wood, is not afraid of moisture, scratches and temperature changes. You can find models of wooden tables for small and large kitchens, but the cost of this furniture will be noticeably higher than the chipboard table.

Glass tables (more precisely, tables with a glass table top) are very popular today. The glass table is a great choice for a small kitchen, because it does not visually "eat up" the volume of the room. However, this table has a number of drawbacks, including problems with care. The fact is that the glass tabletop is easily scratched. In addition, carelessly washed glass countertops will make even a very neat kitchen careless, untidy.

The tables with a tabletop made of natural or artificial stone are very practical and beautiful, but their price is unreasonably high.

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