Kitten from socks

From a pair of ordinary socks you can sew a wonderful soft toy, which can be not only an attribute for children's games, but also an excellent decorative element in the overall interior of your home. How to make a cute kitten by yourself, the next master class will tell you.
 soft toy of socks
For sewing a soft toy you need such materials and tools: -a pair of new socks; -filler (cotton wool, holofayber, sintepon, sintepuh), - strings for embroidering brown, green and pink flowers, - sewing thread, - buttons (2 pieces); - fabric of pink color (felt, fleece, knitted fabric, cotton); - scissors s, a simple pencil; -line.  For sewing soft toys
How to make toys from socks. 1. We turn the socks on the wrong side. 2. On one sock we outline the contours of the front and hind legs of the figure.
hind paws figurines
3. On the second toe, we outline a sketch of the head and tail.
 make the kitten's body
4. We sew the details along the outlined contours as shown in the photo.  make the kitten's body
 make the kitten's body
5 . Cut the socks into parts, retreating from the seams by 0.5 centimeters.
 parts of a kitten
6. We turn out all the blanks on the front side.
 parts of a kitten
7. We stuff a toy body with a filler through the holes in the legs. Then the holes are sewn with a neat seam.  fill the body 8. We fill the head.
head stuff
9. Stitch the head piece along the edge, tighten the thread and fix it with a knot.  sew 10.Fill the detail of the tail and sew a hole.
11. Sew head to torso.
 sew head
12. Sew the tail.
sew head
13. From the fabric we cut out the spout detail. Small stitches sew it in the right place on the head of the figure.  nose We sew buttons (eyes) for embroidery in green color.
 kitten's cloaks
15. Embroidering the antennae and mouth with brown floss threads.
 kitten from socks
Soft toy" Kitten "made of socks is made. Inspiration for you and pleasant moments of creativity!
 kitten from socks

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