Knitted Booties Slippers

We knit beautiful and cutebooties slippersfor a little princess who will be a great addition to any outfit. Booties knit simply and suitable for novice needlewomen.

Materials and tools:

  1. 30 g of pink and gray yarn (100% wool or acrylic), 25 g / 75 m;
  2. 2 buttons with a diameter of 1 cm;
  3. set of five spokes # 3;
  4. needle for jersey.

Knitting description

We begin to knit booties with soles. We collect on 8 needles 8 loops with pink thread and knit with straight and inverse rows with a pearl pattern, twice adding one loop in each 2nd row. Next, we knit 7 rows straight, then add one loop on both sides, knit 11 more rows straight and diminish three loops one loop on both sides in each 2nd row. After that, close all the loops in one row.

We collect on 60 spokes 60 loops with a gray thread along the edge of the resulting sole, highlighting 18 central loops for the toe.

Introduce the pink thread in the work and knit in circular rows:

1 row: facial loops;

2nd row (pink thread): * 1 purl loop, 1 loop is removed with a crochet **, repeat from * to ** to the end of the row;

3rd row (gray thread): * 1 purl thread, knit the loop with the nakida together **, repeat from * to ** to the end of the row.

Repeat 2-3 rows 6 times.

Next, knit in the following sequence:

1 row (pink thread): 15 face loops, 15 knit 2 loops together on the front one, 15 face loops;

2nd row (pink thread): 45 purl loops;

3 row (gray drink): 45 facial loops;

4 row (gray drink): 45 purl loops;

5 row (pink drink): 45 facial loops;

6 row (pink drink): 45 purl loops.

We close 15 medium loops and continue to knit with a pink garter stitch, we add 20 new loops for the strap.

For the right shoe, the strap loop is added from the left edge, and the opening for the button is made from the right end of the strap. For the left shoe, add the strap loops on the right edge, and the button hole on the left.

We knit another 4 rows with a garter stitch, making a button hole in the 3rd row. Close the 3 and 4 loops from the edge and type the corresponding 2 loops in the next row.

We sew a button according to an eyelet on a strap. Knit the second bootie in mirror image to the first.

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