Knitted cake


The main part of the cake is ready.

Now you need to make. For a knitted rose, you need to type 24 VP in red yarn, then knit arches from 3 VP, skipping 2 loops in a chain from VP. 2 In the next row you need to knit columns with cape: in the first arch - 3 CCH, in the second, third and fourth - 4 CCH each, then 5 CCH and 6 CCH. Fold the rose, starting with a wide petal and fix with a thread and a needle. Link 40 roses.
 Crochet three-tiered rose cake
Petals of green yarn. Dial 10 VP. Knit a semi-column, SBN, PSN, CCN, CC2N and the same in reverse order, tie the same combination on the reverse side of the chain from VP.
 Three-tier crochet cake
Sew roses to the cake, decorate the roses with petals.
 Three-tier crochet rose cake
Three-tiered cake with roses crochet
 Three-tiered cake with crocheted roses The cake is ready.

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