Knitted classic white dress crocheted

Crochet knit classic white dressis a classic and elegant dress model. An unusual solution for the bodice and back adds a zest to it.

Materials and tools:

  1. 500 grams of cotton yarn;
  2. hook number 2.5;
  3. knit fabric for lining.


  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. Art. b / n - a column without a crochet.

Pattern Description

Dress size:44

Knitting description

First, we make the dress pattern in full size (Figure 1).

Recruit a chain of 155 airs. and perform the lower part of the transfer scheme 1 (the density of knitting - 16 p. x 13 r = 10 x 10 cm), applying the cloth to the pattern. In the process of knitting, we will make reductions along the side seams according to Fig.1. At the same time, the number of loops will decrease to 128.

Next, knit the bodice as follows: knit one row of arches of 5 height. and we knit the cups according to the scheme of 1 A. We sew the straps from the sides according to the scheme 1 B. Then we knit the straps according to the scheme 1 В length 94 cm.

Spin up to the line of the armhole is knitted similarly, then we continue knitting on 56 loops of the middle, subtracting, according to the pattern, up to 11 loops. Tie the upper part of the back around the perimeter of art. b / n. Tie loops for straps of 10 air. according to the figure. We connect the details of the front and back along the side seams.

Between the cells (see Fig. 1), we pull a 190 cm long cord twisted out of yarn.

Cut out and sew the lining for the dress. Fix it around the perimeter of the cups and along the back of the neckline.

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