Sledki with an openwork knitting pattern

Footprints with an openwork pattern- the footprints are made with knitting stitches and an openwork pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. 200 g of yarn (100% wool, 50 g / 50 m)
  2. spokes 6.0 mm.

Pattern Description

Density of knitting:13 loops * 26 rows = 10 * 10 cm of the front surface.

Shawl pattern:we knit all rows with face loops.

Pattern:knit according to the scheme, the diagram is shown on the front side.


Foot length:22-24-26 cm.

Knitting description

We follow the tracks from the cuff down, in rows back and forth, then sew the seam on the sole and up from the heel.


We collect 39 loops (including edge loops) with circular knitting needles 6.0 mm. Knit a series of purl loops (front side). Knit a series of facial loops. Next, knit: 1 edge, 7 loops according to the scheme 1A, 24 loops according to the scheme of 1 V, 6 loops according to the scheme of 1 C, 1 edge. We knit the scheme 1 vertical, but once.

Keep the knitting density.

We knit 10 rows with a garter pattern, at the same time we add / subtract loops along the first row to get 37-39-41 loop on the spokes.


We knit a series of face loops on the front side.

Next row (from the side): 14-14-15 persons., lay the knotted loops on the extra spoke. We add a loop, 9-11-11 w., We add a loop, we postpone the remaining 14-14-15 loops on an additional needle = 11-13-13 loops for the top of the foot.

We knit the front surface - 7-8.5-10 cm.

We subtract on each side 1 loop = 9-11-11 loops. We cut the thread. We remove all the loops on the common needles.

We knit (face. side): 14-14-15 faces., recruit new 12-14-16 loops along the side of the canvas of the upper foot, knit 9-11-11 faces. (hinges of the top of the foot), we recruit new 12-14-16 loops along the second side of the canopy of the foot, we finish 14-14-15 persons. = 61-67-73 loops.

Put the loop mark on the center of the loops of the top of the foot. Then we measure the work from here.

We continue to knit garter.

At a height of 2 cm, we knit 2 persons together. on each side of the label (we subtract 2 loops in the row). We repeat such a decrease every second row.

Simultaneously, at a height of 4-4-5 cm, we sew two persons together. at the beginning and at the end of the work (together with the loops near the tags, 4 loops in a row were reduced) We repeat such a decrease every second row.

At a height of 5-5-6 cm, close the loop.

We make a seam under the foot and on the heel beyond the outer arches of the loops to avoid a thick seam.

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