Knitting mittens knitting - master class

Knitting mittens with knitting needles- a master class on knitting mittens with a simple and beautiful pattern to warm your hands in winter.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn;
  2. Knitting needles.

Pattern Description

Knitting description

Gather 52 loops and link 40 rows in a circle with a 2x2 elastic band. In the last row of gum add 2 loops. Next, we continue to knit according to the specified scheme.

The finger begins in the 10th row, add on the sides of the 2 middle loops of the small pigtail:  

  • in every second row 3 times;
  • every third row 3 times;
  • in every other row 3-4 times.  

When 18-20 loops form on a finger, put it on pins (finger loops begin and end with loops of gains), type 2 missing loops over it and knit further according to the scheme.  

The finger is then finished separately by typing 2 loops. We knit in height as needed, but minus 1 cm. Then knit two rows:  

  • in the first we knit alternately 1 persons and 2 persons together;
  • in the second we knit 2 people together. to the end of the row.  

At the end of the thread we will pull the remaining loops.

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