Kusudama Triple Pancake

Kusudams were used in Japan to store medicinal or simply fragrant herbs. It was believed that natural flavors are beneficial for physical and spiritual health. There are a huge number of models, Japanese origami masters and today are constantly inventing new designs of these original paper crafts. Kusudama is an excellent element of decor for any interior. Your attention is invited to the classic kusudama, which is called the "Triple pancake". This strange name is the model received by the name of the folding method. Kusudama is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, you just need to be more careful in the sequence of manipulations and carefully follow the instructions. Also of great importance for the appearance is the clarity of the bends. For kusudama, you will need six identical square sheets of paper with a side of at least 21 cm. A smaller square can not be folded beautifully, since you need to make a lot of folds. Paper density is also important, ideal is the same as office paper.Beautifully looks Kusudama from paper of the same color, but squares of different colors also look beautiful and original. . 1. Fold the square diagonally to mark the auxiliary lines.
2. Bend all angles to the center point (the intersection of the lines).
3. Turn the workpiece upside down.

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