Lamb for the day of lovers

2015 is a fluffy and kind animal of a sheep, so not only for the New Year and for the rest of the holidays that await us, ahead of 2015, it is also possible and necessary to give sheep. Here, for example, very soon we will visit the holiday of all lovers, it is also called the Valentine's Day. For this holiday it is not necessary to give something so grand and big, it is enough to pay attention and do something with your own hands, it will be very interesting for you, and it will be unusual for a loved one to receive such a gift. He will convey all the love and romance, but this gift will seem rather expensive and valuable to the soul, and cannot be compared even with some of the most expensive jewelry. Since in 2015 the lamb toys are relevant during the year, you can sew it yourself out of white and red felt and it will be quite interesting. These two colors are the colors of this romantic holiday. Especially good will be such a sheep as a gift from a girl, a woman for her beloved man.In general, men give soft toys for their women, and here there will be not just a toy, but a small handmade sheep, hand made. For sewing such a lamb you need to take: • White and red felt; • Sheep; • Black, beige and red threads; • Sintepon in circles; • Satin red ribbon with polka dots; • Love metal pendant; • • Red and silver hearts -sawers; • Scissors; • Lighter; • Glue gun; • Pencil.
About evening for the day of lovers
 need to take
First, take the scheme, cut out each part of the sheep separately. In the finished form, the sheep will be small, about 6.5-7 cm in height, and 6-6.5 cm in width.
cut each part of sheep separately
 we cut out each piece of sheep separately
We take and applying templates, cut out from red felt two body preforms, two small hearts and one medium ; From beige felt there are two blanks for the head and two for the ears, and from white felt we cut out four blanks for the legs,big heart and two blanks for a little choke.
 red felt cuts
 red felt cuts
We put the middle red heart on a big white one, now we put these two hearts in the center on one billet of the body and sew together with two white stitches on the edge. Now we fold in pairs blanks for legs and sew fine stitches along the edge.
 knit small stitches
cap stitches
Insert the legs from the bottom, fold both the body blanks and sew the blanks together manually with small stitches, while stuffing them with padding polyester.
The torso is ready. Apply small red hearts to the ears and sew with threads in the middle.
stuffing with synthetic winterizer
 The body is ready
We are sewing a black thread with our eyes and a spout.Now we fold the blanks of the heads together and sew with small stitches with synthetic padding.
 add billet
Sheep for Valentine's Day
Only the crest remains, it is stitched with a red thread. Getting to the assembly. We tie a ribbon bow, sew a crib to it, cut one more piece of ribbon for a loop.
Lamb for the day of lovers
 Sheep for Valentine's Day
We glue the parts together with hot pistol, behind the trunk on the hearts we glue a white heart. From the front we glue a loop, then head and ears, and on top a tuft. In the center of the tuft is a red heart, and under the head is a bow. It turned out such a cutie! I wish you all a pleasant creation!
 Lamb for Valentine's Day

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