Landscape design ideas and installation of automatic watering

Landscape design is a kind of art, the implementation of which is better to entrust the hands of professionals. However, if you decide to take on this work yourself, you need to consider a few rules.

In the process of landscaping, first of all, you need to design a drainage system, and only then pay attention to the installation of automatic watering. It is necessary to clearly understand how and where water will flow from the ground, create a draft storm system in order to be able to collect rainwater. Then you need to make a few bridges, paths and trails. At the same time, work is under way on communications under the ground (irrigation system, etc.) Water Engineer will help you in this, as well as develop a garden lighting program.

Only by completing these preparatory works, you can begin to arrange the garden.And then, naturally, you can not do without imagination. First of all you need to think about in which part of the garden you would like to see a pond or an alpine hill. Note that a variety of waterfalls have a very original look. Next, you need to do some landscaping. Immediately, it is worth noting that this work is very time consuming, it is carried out in accordance with the dendroplane, which must contain the entire set of agrotechnical requirements. As you will need to dig and loosen the land for a long time during the landscaping process, it is appropriate will be buying a mini tractor. It will greatly facilitate the work with the soil and save your strength. The final stage of landscaping is the arrangement of the lawn. To do this, it is necessary to completely clear the territory of various construction debris. Make sure that there are no pebbles and hemp. It is advisable to remove all unnecessary plants. In case the soil is very dirty or in poor condition, the outer layer is best removed, replacing it with the land brought. After that it is necessary to analyze the soil.This is very important in order to determine exactly which fertilizers to use and what is best for the land. There are cases when there is a need for chemical melioration. After this, water tests are carried out and only then proceed to the selection of grass mixture for a lawn. In addition to competent arrangement, you must be able to maintain order in the garden. Believe me, this is very important for him. It is necessary to ensure that the plants were watered and fertilized all the time. It is very important to protect the garden from various pests. In this case, in order to do everything correctly, it is better to seek advice from a professional gardener. The most important thing to remember is that in the process of landscaping, in order for the results to please you for a long time, invest in your work love and small efforts. Good luck and inspiration!

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