Learn to wear knitwear

Probably, any fashionista in the wardrobe will find things from knitwear - a cozy sweater of large mating, a dress or suit, trousers or a skirt, after all, the famous alcoholic vest. How successful and fashionable will be the image created on their basis, depends only on the owner of the cabinet.

Dress - the basis of wardrobe Be sure to buy a knitted dress. It is slim, looks very feminine and is suitable for almost any occasion, ranging from business negotiations and ending with dinner by candlelight. Dress in combination with strict boats on a hairpin, business bag and knitted hair will make you feel like a real business lady, complemented by sexy sandals, a small clutch and a luxurious flower in your hair - a romantic princess, and with low-speed shoes and a mail-bag - it's easy go on a fun shopping with friends. Do not forget about the role of accessories. A multi-colored dress does not require them, but a contrasting color belt, shoes or handbag, interesting beads or a brooch will perfectly fit to a single-colored dress.Try to carry bags in your hand, not on your shoulder, since knitwear will lose appearance due to friction. Tall and full girls big bags are not recommended. They will visually make the figure even larger. A few general tips on knitwear When choosing a women's knitwear, pay attention to the knitting. Any young girl will be suitable, but for women over forty large mating will add years. When caring for the product do not forget that various three-dimensional patterns can not be ironed. They can easily get out of shape. Complete your wardrobe with a few knitted jumpers, T-shirts or jackets of interesting colors and styles. For example, knitted blouses on small neat buttons have been an immortal hit for many years. They perfectly complement the classic trousers or skirt for work, jeans - for walking and leisure. Beat a figure with them, for example, a V-shaped neckline will lengthen the silhouette, make it slimmer and draw attention to the face, and a button-down jacket buttoned to the top, on the contrary, will visually reduce excessive growth. Choosing a sweater, remember about the rule "volumetric top - easy bottom".The best addition to the luxury knitted sweatshirts is a narrow skirt or trousers, leggings. When combining elements of sports and business style, it is better to make the top free, and the bottom is classic, since the knitted skirt with a business jacket looks quite ambiguous. Do not forget about underwear, because under the knitwear it is perfectly visible. Leave the lace kits for individual occasions, the best option would be a seamless, solid or black (under dark clothes) color.

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